Xtreme Beef Mass

Xtreme Beef Mass / Description

High-energy nutrient with protein and carbohydrates, based on beef protein isolate.

  • High protein content
  • Beef protein isolate
  • Without sugar
  • No fat
  • Great taste

Xtreme Beef Mass is a new , innovative Gainer formula created for every amateur and professional athlete, for whom the quality of food is very important. Xtreme Beef Mass is a composition of protein and carbohydrates, based on beef protein isolate - its highest quality provides not only a complete spectrum of amino acids ( without unnecessary sugars and fats ) but also guarantees a great taste of the product.   
Beef protein, next to milk protein, is the most favored (by athletes) source of amino acids needed to build and rebuild muscle mass. Proteins are the basis of human’s nutrition. For athletes, the supply of proteins is particularly important because it contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass – each hard-training athlete cares about it. At the same time they help to preserve healthy bones , which is imperative for athletes, due to their intensive training regimen.  Apart from standard protein-amino acids, beef protein provides also, characteristic for collagen-proteins, hydroxylated amino acids ( hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine). Although, in natural conditions body produces these amino acids by hydroxylation of proline and lysine, their supplementation by athletes is most desirable (at the stage of translation) -with increased training, where loads and frequent damage of articular cartilage are huge, there is a greater demand for collagen protein.

Carbohydrates, in the form of maltodextrins provide the body with energy necessary for proper functioning. Because they are not monosaccharides (simple sugars), they do not cause sudden insulin increase in blood and yet are structurally so small that they do not require digestion and can quickly replenish the supplies of glycogen - lost during workout. The fact is that carbohydrates help in brains proper functioning, when the intake of carbohydrates is at the level of 130 g per day, this product used before or during workout will help keep clear head and concentration even during long and hard training.

Xtreme Beef Mass formula is a perfect composition of nutrients , which also guarantees great taste. Try and find out for yourself.