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We are a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, and health food with over 20 years of experience.

The products we offer have been appreciated by a constantly growing clientele for years, due to their adaptation to the changing needs of the market and their wide range of applications. Our products, available worldwide, are designed for all sports disciplines. We set the standards others follow Us™ - this motto has guided the company since its founding. What we base our values on is experience, innovation, high quality of products and services offered as well as flexibility towards customers' needs.

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FA's range includes over 800 own-brand products and over 1,000 products available under world-renowned brands, i.e. Kevin Levrone®, Bad Ass®, Gear®, Nuclear Nutrition®, Premium Nutrition®, Skull Labs®, Beauty Elixir®. To this should be added the offer of more than 100 products in private label production for customers around the world.

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The products offered by Fitness Authority® are available in both retail outlets and online in over 80 countries worldwide. Our products are formulated to meet the needs of individual markets, with specially developed formulas that comply with country-specific nutritional and food safety standards.

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When manufacturing our products, we use only high-quality, certified raw materials to meet our customers' expectations. All the supplements we offer are scientifically tested and researched. We constantly monitor the market and its needs, which is why we not only create new products but also improve those already introduced.

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