FA Team

Marcin Zieliński

Athlete, fascinated by bodybuilding and strength training. Passionate, who with his stubbornness stubbornly pursues the goal and as a trainer infects his charges. Multiple medalist of events of international NPC federations.
Mariusz Tomczuk

4-time Polish champion in bodybuilding.
World Champion.
IFBB PRO professional bodybuilder since 2020.
Coach, motivator

Łukasz Killer

Hello, my name is Lukasz Jurek "KILER" I am a heavyweight bodybuilder who spends a lot of time developing his body through regular strength training and healthy eating. I am persistent and determined in pursuing my goals, and I treat each training as a challenge to overcome my own limitations. In addition to my training, I help others as a coach and I am always ready to help others achieve their training goals and motivate others with my determination and hard work to achieve their dream goal.
Krzysztof Rukść

I'm RZYSZT - that's how you'll find me in the media. I am 41 years old and for 6 years I have been rigidly sticking to the assumptions and goals that I set for myself and every year I develop my passion and turn words into deeds, and dreams into reality. Bodybuilding changed my private and professional life - for the better! Passionate, who traveled 6 years from the bet with a friend, during which he fell in love with the process of body development. He became a player who wanted to be the best in his industry and join the PRO players.
Bartosz Jurkowski

Bartosz "Freak" Jurkowski. Trainer and bodybuilding lover. A popular YouTuber who has been known on the Polish fitness market for over 10 years. His adventure with bodybuilding resulted in his stage debut in 2020 and then in 2021. Currently known for being part of the team organizing the competitions of the world's largest organization in Poland, NPC Poland.
Katarzyna Dudek

Katarzyna Dudek - competitor of the PZKFITS Body Fitness category. Achievements in sport: Overall World Champion 2016, World Champion Overall Masters 2017, Vice World Champion 2017, Vice European Champion 2019, 2x Polish Open Champion (2015, 2019), Multimedalist of many national and international IFBB competitions. I have PZKFITS referee qualifications. On a daily basis, an instructor and personal trainer at the gym of the LKS Sandomierz sports club, as well as an activist and board member of this club.
Żaneta Szczerba

Żaneta Szczerba - Polish champion in the category of bikini fitness, multiple medalist of international and national competitions in the category of bikini fitness (such as Arnold Classic or Olympia Amateur). On a daily basis, she is a fitness trainer and mother of almost 2-year-old Stas. She tries to show that you can combine being a young mom with taking care of your health and figure.

Dawid Olejnik

An active competitor of body sports as well as martial arts. Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer, Martial Arts Trainer, Nutritionist, and also a soul mate for each ward. His passion infects everyone who comes under his wing! According to him, "Nothing is impossible" and he also shows it in his personal life, or when guiding charges who themselves do not believe in what is happening. Outside of work and passion Husband and Father.
Mateusz Leśniak
Julia Gadzińska

My name is Julia and I am a dietician and a certified personal trainer, gym instructor and fitness enthusiast. He specializes in in weight loss, insulin resistance, hashimoto's, diabetes, eating disorders, sports dietetics or IBS. Since 2016, I have been constantly expanding my knowledge in the field of dietetics and strength training. I love what I do and I am grateful that I can combine two passions, constantly develop and help others. Remember the most important thing - there are no shortcuts.
Paulina & Krzysztof Kowalikowscy

Paulina and Krzysztof Kowalikowski. Sport is something that drives us to live, if we don't train, we feel that we are missing something. For us, training is like a physiological need without which we cannot function normally. We are motivated by our pupils, for whom we want to be a role model. The most important thing in life is balance. You need to find time for training and healthy eating, but at the same time have time for yourself, friends and travel.