FA Supports

FA supports to overcome its own barriers - The role of physical activity cannot be overestimated in the life of every human being - it allows to take care of physical and mental health, increases self-esteem, thanks to which it is possible to set and achieve new goals, and helps to cope with stress and competition. Sport is equally important for able-bodied and disabled people. Unfortunately, despite the same needs, disabled athletes do not receive the same support and promotion as the non-disabled. The disabled competitions record less interest of potential sponsors, despite the great successes (including numerous Olympic medals) of competitors taking part in them. Fitness Authority® has been actively supporting sport and all sporting events since its inception. It is often the sponsor of the competition, offering prizes and starting packages. From the very beginning, FA has been supporting individual athletes, including those with disabilities. Our idea is to promote sport, which is a way to rehabilitate, overcome own weaknesses and increase self-esteem and players who - regardless of their own barriers - often compete side by side with the non-disabled.


Patryk Borzestowski

Patryk Borzestowski, a powerlifter from Stężyca, is an ambassador of the FA brand, whose achievements inspire admiration. In 2016, he finished third in the International Baltic Cup in deadlift. Lack of eyesight does not prevent him from achieving further successes - in 2020 he won two bronze medals at the 1st Szczecinek Open Cup in Classic Pressing & Deadlift and the Polish championship in the deadlift. Patryk - despite his disability - competes and wins with able-bodied players. On a daily basis, the Fitness Authority® company takes care of its supplementation and supports it with FA Sportswear clothes.

Mariusz Kupczak

Mariusz Kupczak was born with cerebral palsy, and today he is a two-time world champion in wheelchair bodybuilding. His father became a role model for him, and training - a way to deal with the mockery of his peers. For him, however, the priority is not medals, but raising the bar and striving to become better and better. Fitness Authority® supports these goals by providing adequate supplementation and training clothes.


Sport also connects generations. The proof of this is Grandpagang - the sports family of grandson, grandfather Wiesiek and grandmother Halinka. The grandson had the idea that he would run a marathon with a disabled grandfather. Finally, they jointly won 1 marathon - in October 2019 - and 3 half-marathons. Unfortunately, grandfather Wiesław died in 2020. The grandson decided to continue the initiative - this time with his grandmother. It resulted in running an ultramarathon (50 km) and taking part in the world half-marathon championship. Unfortunately, also Grandma Halina died in March 2021. However, this did not stop the initiative of intergenerational integration through the movement, as evidenced by the Run for the Memory of Grandpa Wiesia & Grandma Halinka. Since 2019, Fitness Authority® has been supporting the Grandpagang initiative, representing the idea of achieving sports goals, regardless of limitations, close to the company.