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Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to formulate safe, effective and innovative products designed to support your health, improve your quality of life and help you achieve your goals.

Fitness Authority® is synonymous with high quality ingredients, experience on the Polish and foreign markets and innovation.

Supplementation in sport is an indispensable factor. It doesn't matter if you're a cyclist, basketball player, tennis player, MMA fighter, bodybuilder or just a passionate sports enthusiast - FA Engineered Nutrition® delivers top quality products that produce amazing results for everyone, regardless of training experience or sports discipline. The products we offer have been appreciated by a constantly growing clientele for years, due to their adaptation to the changing needs of the market and their wide range of applications. Don't take risks by opting for untested products that promise extraordinary results using innovative ingredients. FA Engineered Nutrition® combines the reliability of proven ingredients with the latest scientific advances to deliver the very best to athletes. We set trends, others follow us - this motto has guided the company since its establishment. The values that guide us, are experience, innovation, high quality of offered products and services as well as flexibility in relation to clients` needs.


This motto has guided the company from the moment it was founded. The values that guide us are experience, innovation, high quality of offered products and services and flexibility in relation to the needs of customers.


FITNESS AUTHORITY® Sp. z o.o. has been one of the largest manufacturers of dietary supplements and sports nutrition products in Poland since 2004.

Our brand was created on the basis of many years of experience in the supplement and fitness industry - since 2004 it has been a trendsetter on the Polish market. Two years after we commenced operations, we launched our own brand of nutritional supplements. For eight years we have been publishing the Muscular Development magazine, which has grown a readership of hundreds of thousands countrywide. Being a pioneer in the field of bodybuilding competitions in Poland, we have become a leader in the industry, inviting famous athletes from all over the world. In the years that followed, we steadily expanded our product range and conquered new foreign markets to export products to more than 80 countries worldwide by 2022.


Import and distribution of leading global brands of nutritional and dietary supplements


Launch of the first own-brand product line


Publishing of the Muscular Development magazine


Organising of the Fitness model Poland & Fitness Authority Grand Prix


Launch of FA products on foreign markets


Creation of new FA lines: Vitarade®, Carborade®, Core®, Wellness&Health and So Good!®


Launch of supplements under the Kevin Levrone® brand


Construction of new premises and transformation of the company into a limited liability company (spółka z o.o.)


Organising of the Fit Festival in Gdańsk


Organising of the 2nd edition of the Fit Festival in Gdańsk


Organising of Levrone Pro Classic


First products under the Bad Ass® brand are launched


Change of the company headquarters - moving to Otomin


Contract manufacturing under the Nuclear Nutrition® brand begins


FA® introduces a new line of FA® Wow!


The ICE range joins the FA® range - innovative products with a cooling effect


FA launches new brands: XTREME Napalm and FA Beauty Elixir


FA® conquers new markets - products exported to the USA


Opening of production facility in Rusocin

and Sport Events

The Fitness Authority® brand is present at the largest fitness industry fairs in Poland and abroad! Since 2004, we have been building brand awareness around the world, being where our CUSTOMERS are. Every year Fitness Authority® becomes a partner of dozens of events in Poland and abroad. We support the most important sports event in the form of co-financing by providing dietary supplements, clothes by donating medals and prizes, and by helping athletes prepare.

and safety

At FITNESS AUTHORITY® we constantly evaluate the market demands. Launching of any new product begins with the concept. We put quality first, which is why each sample is evaluated by our team - every aspect must comply with the required standards for the product to be approved for production. Subsequently, each manufactured batch undergoes laboratory testing. The final stage of a product launch are tests by the athletes, as it is their opinions that are of key importance to us. When manufacturing our products, we use only high-quality, certified raw ingredients to meet our customers' expectations. All the supplements in our product range are laboratory tested and evaluated. We constantly monitor the market and its needs, which is why we not only create new products but also improve those that have been already launched.

Quality proven by certificates

We are committed to the very best quality and only use tried and tested ingredients. ISOQAR CEE Sp. z o.o. and InterCert Sp. z o.o. certificates confirm that FITNESS AUTHORITY® complies with the ISO 22000 standard for the development of label and packaging designs, production and packaging of powdered foodstuffs into plastic and laminate packaging. In addition to our commitment to product quality, we are constantly raising the awareness and qualifications of our employees. We meet all the necessary legal requirements and continuously improve our Quality Control System.


logistics centre

The FITNESS AUTHORITY® logistics center covers an area of 4,000 m2 and has 2,500 pallet spaces. The excellent location - near the motorway, seaport and airport - ensures convenient onward transportation of our products. Each year, 3,000 tonnes of products and 3 million shots exit the FA Engineered Nutrition® warehouses. In order to ensure the highest standard, experienced staff check each product several times before it reaches the warehouse shelf and before it is delivered to the customer. This ensures that each customer receives exactly what they ordered.
4000 m2 of space
2500 pallet places
location in the area
airport, seaport and highway
3000 tons of products and 3 million sheets leave our warehouse every year
products are checked several times by experienced staff