Body Power Expo 2012


English city of Birmingham is an important place on bodybuilding map of the World. It’s the hometown of one of the greatest bodybuilders in the history of iron sport: Dorian Yates. But for four years Birmingham has also hosted one of  biggest industry expo: BodyPower Expo. This year BodyPower took place 18 – 20 of May and was visited by no less than 40000 fans, who has a lot of events waiting for them: amateur bodybuiloding show, armwrestling competition, bikini, powerlifting and Strongman competitions, many seminars with the best athletes and a lots of free supplements samples. But the real highlight was the opportunity to meet and talk to legendary athletes such as Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, RichGaspari and Dorian himself, as well as present bodybuilding stars such as present Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath and two Arnold Classic champions: Kai Greene and Branch Warren.  

Of course such a great event can’t be missed by the biggest supplementation and clothes companies in the industry. We saw all the biggest: Met-Rx, DY Nutrition, GaspariNutrition, Ronnie Coleman Nutrition, AAEFX, MuscleMilk, Everlast, BSN, GASP Clothing, Cybex, Muscle Tech and of course Fitness Authority! FA booth presennted opportunity to try company’s supplements and meet great athletes: Radek and Tomek Słodkiewicz and Tomek Bobrowski.