Dordmund 2016


On Friday and Saturday (20th-21st. October 2016.) The First organized Joe Weider's Olympia Europe Exhibition and competitions were held in Dortmund Germany. The event known throughout the world gained More popularity among fans, attracting an audience in the thousands. FA Engineered Nutrition exhibited in force, displaying bestsellers and new products from the ranges, attracting a huge interest from the fans of the bodybuilding world!

At the stand there were Numerous contests to take part in with prizes for the winners, Fans of FA Engineered Nutrition had the opportunity to taste new products through receiving free samples, compete in our fitness competitions and have photos and interact with our ambassadors and sports staff. Among our team of athletes was Clarence Devis (IFBB Pro), Paul Poloczek (German Overall Champion 2016), Anna Maier (IFFB Bikini athlete)  and the famous bodybuilding legend - Kevin Levrone.

Kevin, with his years of experience within the bodybuilding community returned to the stage to give lectures and interact with a larger audience, this was well received and enjoyed by all who attended the seminar.

Fans of Kevin Levrone had the opportunity to take photographs and have signed autographs, thanks to Kevin’s strong Character his authority in the bodybuilding world is attracting more of a following that now appeals to many generations and aspiring bodybuilders the world over. Thank you to all who queued in line for all those hours to meet him, you are his inspiration!

FA Engineered Nutrition had the opportunity to showcase some of it latest innovative products, among them the revolutionary Low Carb protein bar ‘FA PRIME’ containing only 0.8 g of sugar with an amazing taste, the clothing Line Known as FA Sportswear displayed by our beautiful clothing ambassador Urszula Toczko received a great deal of attention with its multiple body type fittings and amazing colour combinations proving to be a Big Hit! And our flavoured protein pancakes Mix from the So Good! Drew a huge crowed, it’s fair to say we had ‘a lot of mouths to feed’ during the event!

The Joe Weider's Olympia Europe First Professional competition in Europe was Amazing! with a sell-out on the main event, and the competitors class and standards only added value to what is the greatest bodybuilding show on earth. A Huge Congratulations to Dexter Jackson, for whom took his 28th victory in professional contest, a true ambassador of the sport.

We invite you to view photos from the event.