FA Engineered Nutrition at Europe Sport Power, Poland


The Europe Sport Power, where FA Engineered Nutrition displayed in force, occupying  150 sqm of floor space, offering one of the largest range of products available to athletes of all disciplines.

The Expo was held on the 11th-12th February at the Wroclaw Centennial Hall hosting an array of participant events, from bodybuilding to MMA, featuring the leading Supplement lines, sportswear clothing and latest gadgets from across Europe – our stands encouraged everyone to sample and have a good time with our entire team!

The FA Engineered Nutrition stand encouraged everyone can try their hand at our competitions and win prizes, our ambassadors gave valuable tips on training and supplementation, as well as the best dietary supplements to use to achieve their goals

Visitors at our stand had the opportunity to try and buy our popular bestsellers, along with our latest releases including the new Gold High Protein Shot and BCAA Shot, which were huge success and liked by all!

Don’t forget to take a look at the photos and video from the event!