Fitness Authority Company Sponsor of Municipal Sports Club MKS ŚWIT ĆMIELÓW


One of Fitness Authority's missions is to promote sports. And although the brand is associated with strength, endurance and figure sports, FA also supports other sports, as evidenced by another collaboration, this time with the Municipal Sports Club MKS ŚWIT ĆMIELÓW.

The "Świt" football club was founded in 1952 and has continuously participated in league and cup competition. From the very beginning of the club's existence, a large group of young people from Ćmielów and nearby villages have come through its ranks.

At present, the club has two football teams - a senior team participating in the Świętokrzyskie district league and a youth team. About 50 players actively participate and practice in training and various games.

The Fitness Authority Company is happy to support the Municipal Sports Club MKS SWIT ĆMIELÓW on their way to achieving their sports goals and is very pleased to receive news of further successes. The company has funded training and match kits, donated supplementation and financial support for the Club's development.

We encourage you to monitor upcoming sports events on the Club's website: