Fitness company Authority® celebrates 20 years!


We would like to share some exciting news with you! This year Fitness Authority® is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This is a huge reason for us to be proud and to reflect on the road we have travtraveledr the years.

A groundbreaking step was the introduction of - already referred to as 'cult' - NAPALM. This innovative pre-workout caused a real shock in the market and made our journey to success accelerate rapidly. NAPALM gave birth to the Extreme line, which aimed to provide supplement support to gym enthusiasts and athletes. Over the ensuing years, we created globally respected brands - we now have 20.

We want to thank our customers, business partners, and employees who have made it possible for us to spread our wings and we promise not to rest on our laurels. Over two decades, we have built a solid foundation based on trust and innovation, and the highest quality and attention to detail have become synonymous with us. However, we are not slowing down - we have many exciting plans for the future and can't wait to share them with you in the time ahead.

Please join us in celebrating this special moment in Fitness History Authority®!