Fitnessfestivalen 2012 Göteborg


After hot Madrid, this time it was Gothenburg, which did not give the FA Nutrition team a cold welcome. The fair was located in the very centre of the city, right next to Liseberg – the most famous amusement park in Scandinavia.

The fact that the event was held in such an attractive and convenient location paid off in the countless number of visitors.

On the first day, Saturday, the crowd mainly consisted of individual clients and some inquisitive visitors, in particular ones interested in fitness. Numerous tastings and samples available on our stands lead to real traffic jams on the showroom alleys every now and again. Testing protein shakes and bars seem to have no end. What could have been observed was some kind of repetitiveness of reactions among Swedish experts in dietary supplements and their precision in verifying the quality-price ratio. It was easy to notice how they studied labels and nutrition facts and how their Scandinavian faces showed respect combined with joy at our good prices. And you have to believe that dietary supplements are extremely expensive in Scandinavia, so expensive that their prices can only be compared to their famous fines.

Although the event was of lower rank than other, more famous events of this kind organized worldwide, Gothenburg has proven its potential. On the second day there were more business clients. There were fewer bargain seekers, but more sport experts such as fitness club managers and owners of sports shops. Undoubtedly, Fitness Festival will remember its biggest – literally - visitor who also was the most often photographed person on the first day. We are talking about Andrzej Zieleniecki – a strongman and member of the FA Xtreme Team – who could not rid himself of the crowds taking pictures of him with their mobile phones. His body was widely admired, especially by young novices of strength sports. Of course also Mr. Olympia – Sami Al Haddad – was also well recognizable and popular. He was at the FA Nutrition stand and offered valuable advice on how to use dietary supplements, something that some of the people of the North have heard of for the first time. After consulting him, visitors rushed to come back with friends and buy more products. The products which were especially popular were shots, both pre-workout ones and those with carnitine meant for ladies.

Compared to other events, Fitness Festival in Gothenburg showed great participation of companies manufacturing sports clothes, cross fit equipment and different innovative TRX solutions. This time there were not many famous bodybuilders, but still the Swedish have showed their outstanding attitude, fitness oriented lifestyle, they have appreciated attractive prices and the quality of our dietary supplements.

We have also been told: “beer and dietary supplements are better in Poland”.

Frosty, snowy Sweden made a hospitable host.

We must say: “Tack Sverige”.