Shots from Fitness Authority® now available in Żabka chain stores


The goal of Fitness Authority® is to support your health, improve your life and help you achieve your pursuits. From now on, our supplements are even closer to you – you can find them in the Żabka convenience store chain.

The offerings of Fitness Authority® are targeted not only at athletes, but anyone who wants to support their body and improve the comfort of life. Based on many years of experience in the supplementation industry and using the highest quality raw materials, we have created 9 types of functional shots, available exclusively at Żabka chain stores. Each of them is dedicated to meeting different needs of the body. Proven effects, evocative names and mad package designs are the hallmarks of our products. Get to know them all!

Provide your body with what it needs here and now – just head to the nearest Żabka store and grab one of our high-performance shots from Fitness Authority®!